Bad Weather Procedure

In the event of bad weather, we have set out a basic procedure, which should help to minimise confusion.

If, before school, weather conditions are poor and access to Wye difficult, Wye Under Fives will aim to let parents know if the Pre-School is closed as soon as a decision has been made



The main page of our website

The Wye Under Fives Facebook Page

Kent School Closures Website – where you can also Register for alerts for the Pre-School via email or text (costs apply) (see link at the bottom).

 We will also send an email to all parents.

If you are still in doubt you can telephone the Pre-School (01233 812235) for information from 7.30 a.m. onwards.

If the weather deteriorates during session times, we will contact parents and advise, where possible, to collect children. No child will be sent home before the end of school without parent’s consent. Likewise, parents should contact the Pre-School for information, or to advise us if they are experiencing difficulty in collecting their children.

It is vital that all of your emergency contact details are correct and that your emergency person is aware of the Pre-School procedure.

If the Pre-School is open but driving conditions could be dangerous, please only travel at your discretion.  If you are unable to bring your child in, please phone the setting directly to advise.

Kent School Closures